Altar of Siena B2F Guide

Cabal: Altar of Siena B2F Guide

Kept on dying inside the Altar of Siena B2F? Wondering how it is to face the Queen herself?

First of all, click the statue when you are warped inside the dungeon:

Then, kill all Cannibal Murshid for you to be able to use the first warp door

Now, this is kinda tricky. You have to kill the 2 cannibal Marp AT THE SAME TIME.. My advise it, have your pt bring down their HP at half. Then, have a Wizard (dual caster) or a Force Archer (Twin Gunner) kill them. A “Hurry Up” will appear. Dash your way to the warp door. Else, you have to do it again.

After Killing the Marps, Destroy the Sid Gate:

Maku Sha (Mini Boss) will then appear

After defeating him, destroy the first fire gate:

When you get across the firegate, you will see an odd looking altar. Your mission is to collect Polluted Marp and Polluted Murshid samples. Go with the Polluted Marp first. Click the left pillar. BE SURE YOU ARE ON BM2 PRIOR TO SUMMONING THEM THEY HURT!!!
**NOTE If your samples are not enough for the said mob, you can turn the switch again after 30 seconds

Do the same for the Murshids. Hitting the RIGHT pillar this time.

When you’re done collecting the samples, hit on the table.

Then go straight to the next room. You will see an egg like Red Stone. Hit it.

Cannibal Marps and Polluted Marps (next room after Cannibal Marps) will then appear. This is a test. KILL THEM ALL

After killing the polluted Marps. Go back to the room where you initially clicked the egg-like stone and Maku Sha will appear.

After killing Maku Sha, proceed straight ahead and you will pass by a lot of fire gates. At the end, there is a room with lots of Maku. Kill Them!

After some time, Siegfried Veniti (BOSS) will appear. Be careful, he has a one-hitter attack.

Then proceed straight ahead. Destroy the fire gate.

After the first fire gate, proceed left and you will see an altar. Click the RIGHT pillar.

Then, another fire gate need to be destroyed. Thereafter, another odd looking altar would be in front of you, click the RIGHT pillar. Then proceed.

Then, another egg-like stone. It is located at the right hand side corner. Prior to clicking it, be on Battle Aura because an army of Cannibal Leaf will appear.


Then, go upstairs again and hit the table.

Proceed inside the tunnel and kill all Cannibal Leaf.

After some time, Dorigo Heta(Mini Boss) would appear. It would be 2 of them. Kill them both.

Then exit and destroy a fire gate.

Continue traversing the path and you will come to see a brazier. It will give you information about Tilia Deviatre (Boss). Kill her.

NEVER CLICK the coffin behind her or else she will spawn after killing her.

Continue traversing the path that will open (via Sid Gate) then you will once again encounter a brazier (it will give you information about Smern.. a BOSS).

Then, SMERON TRICKY will appear. KILL him.

FINALLY, the last battle: THE QUEEN!!! Prior to entering the warp, go on BM2+aura and whatever buffs you can have (attack.magic). Then, go straight ahead at the end and KILL her majesty.


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Altar of siena B1f Dangeon guide

Altar of siena B1f Dangeon guide
When you warp in you will instantly see a tiny little person.  Click on the tiny little person to activate quest.
Tip: Before clicking on the tiny little person, make sure your party is fully buffed and in bm2 and aura with trans.

After you activate the quest, Glutto will appear.  Defeat him!
Tip: Our team went “Bankai” (BM2 and Aura with trans) and debuff–panic cry, field of fear, hardluck, etc
Once you defeat Glutto, continue on.  You will reach a warp, go inside it.  It will warp you to the next room.  Continue straight and you will see another tiny little person.  Click on him to start the quest.
After clicking on the tiny person, go back the opposite way you came from and make a left.  After you make a left, look for this chest.  Once you found it, click on it.
After clicking on the chest, go back to the tiny person and on his right you will see this tomb which is theOminous Altar you are looking for.  Click it.
 After clicking on the Ominous Altar, go to that same tiny little person and click on him to finish the quest.
Once you’re done and have recieved your gem, continue along the path.  You will see some stairs, go up it and you will see the boss named Zealru.  Defeat him!
Tip:  My team went bm2 first and extended later on.  The reason why is because this boss, Zealru, teleports.  So dont waste your full power on him because he will teleport alot.
After you defeated Zealru, continue forward.  Go down the stairs and proceed through all the mobs.  Once you get to the end, you will see another tiny little person.  Before clicking on him, make sure your team is fully buffed and in bm2 and aura with trans.  Activate quest when your team is ready.
Defeat Angelo! Be quick when trying to kill this boss, if you are too slow he will “1 hit you” in addition he can go Art of Defense (AOD) for 5mins.  Please note all bosses can go AOD.
Tip: I had the tankers in front of him to aggro, and the rangers directly behind him with good distance.  After your full power is out, retreat directly behind him and hug the wall.  Wait for BM2 again and attack together.  Tankers take one side and rangers take the other, do not attack together in the same direction.
 After you defeat Angelo, continue on to a room where you see four of these statues.  On the left side, as you come in, click on this statue (Effigy of Jeolousy) first.
 Then click on the one next statue (Statue of Voracity) to it.
 Then go click on the first statue (Effigy of Jeolousy) one again.
 Afterwards, directly across it, click on that statue (Statue of Wrath).
 Now, once you click on the statue head back out and find this red ball (Shining Sid).  Once you find it, click on it.
Tip: As you are leaving that small room with the statues, make a left turn and you should see it around there.
 After clicking on the red ball, continue back the diretion you came from and keep going till you reach a dead end.  You will see this wall, click on it.
 Then going back the direction you came from, near the room where the statues are at, find this Brazier and click on it.
 After click on the Brazier, go to the red ball (Shining Sid) once again and click on it.
Now then, go back to the statue room and click on the final statue (Statue of Greed) to activate quest.  Once you activate it, you will have to defeat 2 bosses.  One of the left and one of the right.
Tip: Before clicking on the final statue, make sure everyone is buffed and in bm2.  Immediately after you activate quest, run up the stairs and pass the boss on the right side.  You want to pass him and go to the other room.  In that room, go full trans and kill the tree boss.
Defeat Tree Boss!  (This image is not the image of the tree boss, this is of Greedir, who is the other one.  I apparently did not take a picture of the tree boss, I apologize.)
Tip: If your BM2 alone cannot defeat him, extend with aura.  After you defeat him back out of the room and wait for BM2 again.  Again make sure party is buffed.
After defeating the Tree Boss, defeat Greedir!  Defeat him quickly or he will AOD for 5 mins.
Tip: Go full power again, BM2 and Aura with trans and full debuffs.  Make sure tankers are attacking him from the behind, and rangers at the front.
After defeating Greedir, continue on.  You will come to a warp.  Go inside it and it will warp you to the next room.  Follow it all the way through and you will come to this statue (Contaminated Waterway).  Click on the statue to activate the quest.
Now head backwards to the warp you entered in from and click on this Old Altar.
After clicking on the altar, head back to the statue (Contaminated Waterway) and click it again to activate quest.  Warning alot of mobs will appear!
Tip: Before clicking on it make sure everyone is buffed and go Bm2 or Bm1 whichever you prefer for Area of Effect.  Once activated kill all the mobs.  Afterwards, continue forward into the pool to fight the “fish boss,Lazine”.
Defeat Lazine! Kill him quick, if your team is too slow, he will AOD for 5mins.
After you defeated Lazine, continue forward and immediately on your left, as you exit out of the pool, you will see a statue.  When you are ready click on it to activate quest for final boss.
Tip: Have your team go BM2 when you activate it and when you get to the final boss, Centrion Prideus, extend and trans with full debuffs.
Defeat Centrion Prideus!
After you defeat Centrion Prideus, take a break with your guild and enjoy the good life.
After your done relaxing, continue on and finish the quest by clicking on the red ball (Gem Sid).
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Cabal Online Panic Cave Walkthrough

Cabal Online Panic Cave Walkthrough



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DX Dungeon Catacomb Frost Quick Guide

DX Dungeon Catacomb Frost Quick Guide

Here some people dunno what exactly to do inside so i made this quick and simple guide on how to run it.
first here is a simple blueprint of DX dungeon (dun laught at it, thats epic paint skills mang XD)

After you enter the dungeon You will see a mob right away, kill that mob and click the stone to the right side to progress thru the quest.

go on and you will get to the main platform, there is a stone in front, click it and mobs will appear right on the platform, kill the mobs until the gate on platform “B” opens up

Once the gate opens up, go to platform “B” and kill the mobs there, i am not certain which specific mob u have to kill to be able to access the stone to progress thru the quest, but thru my runs i think its one of the “male” zombie resident. keep killing mob and try to access the stone, once u can access it, progress thru the quest and go back to main platform, there will be new mobs that would spawn, kill this mobs until the gate to platform “D” opens up

once its opened up, go to platform “D” and kill the mobs there, (this time i think its one of the “femal” zombie resident that u gotta kill) once u killed the right mob and able to access the stone to go thru the quest, you will be able to attack the gate of platform “C”

once u opened it up, kill the mob named “Disappeared Jewelia” and it will drop “jewelia’s necklace”, Pick it up, talk to the stone on the platform (D) and the gate to the platform “A” is opened up where the first boss lies.

once done w/ the boss click the stone on the platform(A) and its time to go thru the quest.
this is the specific mobs to kill for the final boss to spawn
Platform “D”
Swordsmen Ghost

Platform “C”
Archer Ghost

Platform “B”
Fighter Ghost

Once you killed all the specific mobs on each platforms a “warning” sign should flash and the Final Boss of the dungeon should appear on the “Main Platform”

(Note: this boss teleports after a certain period of time, so for FA/FS that would use AoD+MB or AoS, better use it quickly =P)
Once your done killing the last boss it would drop a stone, pick it up, Open up the Chest on the “Main Platform” and then go back to the starting point and finish the dungeon thru the stone there

And thats the rap on this quick guide to DX Dungeon : Catacomb Frost.

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Cabal is

A New-Age Stylish Action MMORPG

( Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game)

CABAL Online is a 3rd person 3D role playing game that will put you in a graphically
vivid world of non-stop hack & slash action. Designed to let everyone play, CABAL Online
runs even on older computers while still maintaining its scintillating action scenes,
lifelike environments, ornate decorations, detailed characters, and non-stop fast action.

Story Based Cinematic Scenarios
and Intricate Plot

CABAL Online’s numerous intriguing quests and exciting missions weave together
to form intricate plots that absorb players into the story where they become the heroes.

Fun, Easy and Free to Play

Intuitive and user friendly, CABAL Online removes entry barriers
for first-timers and late-starters of a MMORPG.
It is also free, regardless of the playtime.

A Blend of Intriguing Adventure & Arcade Action

Time limited dungeons, blazing action scenes, challenging puzzles and traps keep
players enthralled
by the story and drive them to achieve more.

Long ago the CABAL, a powerful group of idealistic men, used their powers to
change the continent of Nevareth into a utopia.

But the laws of nature rebelled against them and laid the continent to waste. During the Apocalypse,
almost every member of Cabal perished, leaving only seven of them
and their leader, Faust.

Looking deep into future, Faust saw the rise of an evil that would once again bring the land
of Nevareth to ruin. Now, almost a thousand years later, that evil has begun its domination
of the continent as prophesied. It is up to you to face the waves of minions that have invaded Nevareth,

and uncover the evil behind it.

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